Domatica – Iot Technology is a technology company founded in 2002, specialized in the development of a robust IoT edge technology for the fast deployment of IIoT solutions. Domatica consists of a highly qualified multidisciplinary team spread over 4 offices in Portugal. Its technology has been implemented in several countries from different continents.

Domatica’s easyedge platform is the ultimate technology for IoT Edge. It is an ultra lightweight middleware for the IoT space that enables highly flexible and scalable deployments and business application integrations.

Domatica’s easyedge narrows the distance between physical world and software applications, by enabling connectivity, device management, data collection activities and local processing. Its unique features allow exceptional flexibility, very reduced communication latency and extremely low infrastructure costs.

Domatica’s IoT Edge Platform is suitable for Software Developers, Solution Providers, Hardware Manufacturers and System Integrators, who pursue to deliver disruptive services, solutions and new business models in key areas such as Agriculture, Building Automation, Energy Management, Industry 4.0, or Smart Cities, among other verticals.

Samuel Silva

With an informatics and software background, he graduated in Electronics in the University of Minho in 2001.
Later that year, he moved to Germany to embrace a project at the Europäisches Centrum für Mechatronik.
In late 2002, back to Portugal, he founded Domatica aiming to bridge the gap between the physical and the logical world.

In order to complement his technological knowledge, in 2016 he completed a postgraduate degree in Management from the ISG Business & Economics School.

Pedro Pina

Pedro is the Vice-President of Business development at Domatica since 2008. With a background in Electronics and Software development, he has experience in business development as well in operations management. He has worked in Sales & Marketing at NFive, a worldwide leader card design and printing software, and Operations at ID.SYS group.

Pedro Ribeiro Santos

Pedro cultivates a rigorous and systematic approach to daily challenges, making him a trustful and insightful professional.

He leads most of our sustainability-related investments and also has a keen focus on enterprise software, SaaS and IoT technologies, actively participating in the life of a number of our portfolio companies and scouting the wealth of international investment opportunities that we receive every day.
Pedro has a BSc in Physics Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico. He started his career as a Researcher in Physics for the University of Oxford (UK), and holds an MBA and an MSc in Economics from Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

He has over 12 years experience in IT and Management Consulting, with Accenture and with The Boston Consulting Group, and 2 years as IT and Organizational Director. He is a board member/observer of several Armilar portfolio companies, and fluently speaks English, French and Spanish.

Nelson Pinho

Since 2001, Nelson has been working in the Information Technology Sector. He was member of the Executive Committee in a major Portuguese IT Corporation and in 2012 founded Kentra Technologies, a software vendor in the Healthcare sector. Nelson collaborated with the Portuguese Ministry of Health between 2008 and 2012. He was graduate teaching assistant at the School of Engineering of the University of Porto, in the areas of Service Design, Business Process Modeling and Information Systems. Nelson holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering and Management, a Master in Service Management and Engineering, and a degree in Computer Science from the University of Porto. His current research focuses on new multidisciplinary methods for designing services for complex value networks. Nelson currently teaches in Porto Polytechnic Institute in the areas of Software Engineering and Management.